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Tech As Art is a non-profit organization promoting art that is based on technology and art.

Tech As Art mentors young and future engineers with seasoned experts in science and engineering, and funds specific art projects that rely on high technology as a tool for learning.

Tech As Art also spotlights the most stunning examples of technology-based art worldwide. In addition, we provide resources for high-tech artists with information and support for creating their projects.

Technology As Art

Burning Man 2011:

Burning man
Success! Tech As Art was at this annual event with our new art projects. We created an art car with a computer generated animated eye projected from the inside of a pyramid that was surrounded by vertices of electroluminesent wire. We experienced problems, yet we were always able to repair them - thanks to our brilliant and resourceful team. We were fascinated by the technology of the hundreds of art cars and took several photos of them - primarily at night, when they look their best. See some of the photos we made here.

Spring 2013:

Cinema 9 projection
Tech As Art's Plans Include projecting computer generated videos on buildings in downtown Santa Cruz to amaze and astound onlookers. The concept is called projection mapping and consists of creating 3D animations whichare then projectedon buildings. The result is pretty amazing.. The Future Engineers building ths will learn about optics, LEDs, power electronics, programming, and creating 3D models, and animation. To see examples of projection mapping, take a look here.

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The Orb Swarm project is one of the brilliant examples of combining technology and art. Here in Silicon Valley creative engineers get together and ask, what is the most challenging and fun thing we can build? The Orb Swarm team created several large metal spheres that move autonomously on their own, and know where they are and where to move next. The orbs and the team were just in India at a tech conference showing off the orbs' capabilities. Read more about what they've done so far and how they did it here.

Our Next Project:

Tech as art new project
Remember Blade Runner? Remember the massive pyramidal Tyrell building from the movie? We are going to rebuild it - smaller, of course. And it will move! The base will be a gas powered vehicle, which will also supply electric power for hundreds of LEDs, strobes, a small computer, and animation on all of the faces. The faces will be made of double walled polycarbonate for strength. And the base will hide the vehicle. Here is our first rendered mockup of the art car: here