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We have compiled an inspiring list of art and artists who are doing pioneering work using technology as their primary artistic medium. Electronics, biology, mutant vehicles, fire, messing with people's minds, and visualization are examples. Treat this section as an inspiration; See what brilliant artists are creating.

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Stephen Wilson's Massive Database of Tech-Artists
First this: Stephen Wilson is a Professor of Art at San Francisco State University who has compiled a massive list of tech-based artists organized by their discipline. The descriptions are terse, but there are links to the artists' sites. He also wrote an excellent book about artists using technology titled "Information Arts".
Spot of Electric Sheep and Dreams in High Fidelity
Spot creates beautiful images and animations using fractal algorithms. He also offers the executable program to do it yourself. Rendering takes a while, but the results are great. But also check out his ongoing Electric Sheep project. It's impressive. See the animations here.
Jean Pierre Hebert
He creates beautiful algorithmic drawings and mixed media since the 70's
Kiki Petit
She creates amazing, large, burning art sculptures, such as a cascading fountain that has flames instead of water.
Jeremy Lutes
He creates large scale immersive work sculptures using fiber optics, neon and electronics. He created the lilly pond at Burningman 2003.
Jonathan Foote
His artwork is based on the unusual effects from lasers and optical illusions, usually in the form of small illuminated boxes and lamps. He is also involved with the Orb Swarm (autonomous spheres that move).
Visual Complexity
An incredible site based on data that looks beautiful when displayed. It's great for anyone interested in the visualization of information. A secondary goal is to provide an understanding of different visualization methods across a series of disciplines, such as biology and social networks.
Michael Chang
The works are based on computer based model building using the analogy of multicellular biology. He allows crude forms and behaviors to represent highly complex interactions, such as those in physics, chemistry, and systems of biology. Check out his other links of emergence and simulated evolution.
Imagine a group of two-foot tall spheres that move autonomously, knowing where they are, what they want to do, and how to avoid each other and other objects. That's the SWARM project.
Roman Verostko
He has developed original algorithmic procedures for creating his art since 1963. Great work.
Brian Knep
His work appears biological, and is imaged over simple geometric shapes. He also projects interactive imagery on the floor that you can play with. Very cool work.
Scott Snibbe
He's created films and installations based on phenomenology and minimalism. Yet, our favorite is You Are Here, which creates a contiguous map of where you've been. He does some amazing work.
Michael Christian
An incredible artist who creates massive steel sculptures, most notably seen at Burningman.
Antony Hall
Antony Hall was Artist in Residence at the Fluids Department at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST), working alongside scientists to tackle the theoretical issues of what science is, and how art and science can learn from each other.
Flaming Lotus Girls
San Francisco-based group of of women welder/artists collaborating to create exceptional large-scale fire art sculptures. They also provide a resource for learning metalworking, fire working, and other shop skills. Their serpent at Burningman 2006 was a huge and stunning work of art.
Burnator II
Large-scale fire installation originally shown at Burning Man 2006, consisting of nearly 1000 feet of computer-sequenced towers of flames arranged in a line in the desert.
Graffiti Research Lab
They project video graffiti on buildings. In addition, the graffiti is interactive so that you can draw and write on the buildings. The videos are fun. And they give away the code and tech details.
Round Cubatron
Mark Lottor built a few variations a huge 3D animated light sculpture. The animation runs volumetrically and is an amazing experience to view firsthand. Our favorite was the round Cubatron, seen at Burning Man. It was one of the favorite night sculptures at Burningman '06.
Kevin McCormck
LED artist who created some astounding and huge LED displays. One of my favorites was Tensor. You can see images of his work on Flickr by typing in his name, Fostbyte, or Tensor.
Luther Thie
San Francisco/Bay Area soft sculpture and installation artist.
Pierre Riche
Pierre builds huge metal burning sculptures. They are beautiful and amazing to see day or night.
Harlan Emil Gruber
Harlan Emil Gruber is highly regarded for his sculpture, furniture design, interior retail design, and for his continuing study of designs for future habitats.
Jason Salavon
Chicago based artist Jason Salavon generates and reconfigures masses of communal material to present new perspectives on the familiar, exhibited as photographic prints, video installations, and real-time software context.
Art of Science Exhibition at Princeton
This exhibition focuses on art that is produced in the course of scientific research, or incorporating tools and concepts from science. Beautiful images originating from classical science. Look at last years set of images, too.
Fascinating art that is generated by data. It's hard to believe that so much beauty can be created by translating digital data into a visual form. This site spotlights amazing examples of data that is translated - or revealed - into art. It's updated often.
Tetris on a Building at Brown University
World's largest fully-functional Tetris game. You could see it for miles. Their site has videos and photos of it.
Satirical art/performance site a profit organizations involving art and technology.
Dance Immolation
Dance Dance Immolation is an adaptation of the popular arcade video game Dance Dance Revolution, but with fire! When you do well, the computer blasts propane flames into the air. Yet, when you do poorly, it blasts you in the face instead with its flamethrowers.
2nr Fire Toy
Interactive "fire toy". 2πr is a blisteringly interactive large-scale fire toy. It is a central platform surrounded by a larger ring of inconspicuous flame effects - completely innocuous to onlookers - until a participant makes it come alive.
Daniel Durning
Artist, educator, and new media designer Daniel Durning, is a full time Assistant Professor of computer graphics and animation in the Fine Arts Department of the New York Institute of Technology in Manhattan, and has recently developed his own radio show on art and technology.
They make some totally weird and brilliant short films. They are a virtual community of digital artists and film makers in Paris.