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Booster Vision Wireless Cameras
They sell tiny video wireless cameras and receivers that you can use on rockets and R/C flying vehicles.
Potato Gun Details
Ed does fun and crazy stuff like building art cars and doing strange things with pyro. Yet, here is his design of a low-tech potato gun.
Homemade Rocket and Videocam
The images are very impressive of this homemade rocket using low cost parts. He includes all of the details and photos of how he built it.
Metageek WiFi Spectrum Analyzer for $200
Here is a USB plug-in to your computer that provides detailed analysis of 2.4 GHz (wi-fi) frequencies.
Sugar-based rocketry
The goal of the Sugar Shot to Space project is to loft a rocket powered by suger propellant into space.
These guys make silly but cool stuff out of simple technology.
Cool Hunting
This classy site shows off cool gadgets, some of which are very cool indeed - like golf balls with radar locating IDs inside them, and astronomical watches that show the position of the planets. Other categories include art, music, fashion, and sites.