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Gregory MacNicol

2557 Branciforte Drive (831) 459-0880

Santa Cruz, CA 95065


More than 30 years experience as a pioneer in technology developing the hardware and software for 3D computer graphics and animation, chip development, microwave, and consumer products. Professional positions included Director of Engineering, Director of Marketing, Director of Information, programmer, analog designer, systems designer, RF engineer, and digital content creator for feature films.

Wrote for 20 technical publications, was Editor of Digital Design magazine and Western Editor of Computer Graphics World.

Computer graphics content creator for companies such as Disney, Sony, AT&T, McGraw-Hill, Pacific Data Images, Discover Magazine, California Academy of the Sciences, and Omni. As a computer graphics pioneer, Mr. MacNicol was on the Executive Committee of SIGGRAPH, was their judge for animation, and a judge for ParisCite, worked for the French Trade Commission integrating French and U.S. companies for technology transfer, worked on several feature films and computer games (Twisted Metal, etc.), taught at UCSC, assigned patents and developed IP for 3D technologies, consulted internationally regarding HDTV, integration of CG and video, and interactive TV. Mr. MacNicol was co-founder of Graphics Strategies Inc., a manufacturer of a dedicated video graphics computer.

Mr. MacNicol is the author of the following books: Desktop Computer Animation (Focal Press), PC Graphics Secrets Revealed (Sams), Computer Graphics Cookbook (Random House), Digital Photography Bible (contributor, Focal Press), Electrophotography (Technical Editor, And/Or Press).

Mr. MacNicol’s primary expertise is in 3D graphics technology, graphics boards, video (H/W and digital), interactive video, IC fabrication, networking, Internet, microwave/RF design, intellectual property, 2D/3D/ effects, digital compression (MPEG, etc), analog design, IC fabrication, covert security systems, RFID, Electronic Counter Warfare, remote wireless control, and complex computational analysis using game theory and chaos theory.

He is currently the Executive Director of Tech as Art, a non-profit organization fostering technology-based art, and is the founder of the Human Genetic Engineering Collaborative. He is also a board member of the Silicon Valley Art Museum

Career Highlights

· Director of Information at New Mexico Tech – Facilitated the construction and development of the Very Large Array (seen in the movie Contact), a 28-mile wide radio-astronomy antenna/telescope

· Project Leader at Suma Corporation (Howard Hughes) – Built automated real-time data collection system within craps tables in casinos, now in use throughout Las Vegas

· Director of Engineering for Process Control Corporation – Invented real-time, electro-optical, sub-Angstrom-level measuring tools for semiconductor research and development, and managed the technical team

· Scientist at Identronics – Developed the first passive, surgically-placed ID device within animals (now used in people), currently called "RFID"

· Microwave engineer at Watkins-Johnson – Designed Electronic Counter Warfare systems for autonomous vehicles, based on multi-gigahertz, frequency-agile, friend-or-foe analog crypto signatures

· Director of Marketing and Development at Ume – Managed the creative team for building the earliest digital musical instruments using the Apple II

· Think Tank member – Several companies, including Unitronics and McGraw-Hill

· Director of Marketing at Selective Software – Maximized profits by creating real-time visualization of all sales for all catalogs for all pages and products, using analytical and predictive data mining

· Align Technology – Led the team developing the computer graphics simulation and complex math (3D mesh to spline models) involved for digital orthodontia

· SIGGRAPH – Executive Board, organizing a conference of 25,000 computer graphics professionals, included being a judge for graphics and animation


Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Electronic Engineering

New Mexico Tech: Theoretical Physics

Rochester Institute of Technology: Scientific Photography

Cabrillo College: Advanced Electronics