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All Seeing Eye
A large digital print consisting of four images of of one frame of the eye was used during the daytime. This is the print before it was cut and seamed together into a pyramidal shape. The vinyl was semi transparent, which also allowed a 12 volt, 13 watt, CFD bulb to be used inside. This was very bright when seen at night, even at a great distance.
All Seeing Eye with Pyramid
Here, the All Seeing Eye is visiting another pyramid-based art piece at Burningman
This is the video loop that was projected upward, inside the translucent pyramid top. We used static images of eyes, and then used a morphing program to interpolate smoothly between the images of each eye.
. When the All Seeing Eye was parked, it appeared to be solidly placed in that location. Yet, it is a moving vehicle - with excellent viewability from inside.

:: The All Seeing Eye ::

The Tech As Art engineers built an art car that looks like a stationary metal pyramid, about eight feet tall, looking like the classic All Seeing Eye at it's peak. The eye is actually a video projection of different human and animal eyes that morph slowly from one to another using computer animation techniques. All vertices of the pyramid were illuminated with glowing electroluminescent wire. The glowing pyramid drives easily and looks most impressive at night.

The body and base of the vehicle was a gas driven 1986 ZGO golf cart. The video projector was enclosed in a plastic file box and included a 12 volt inverter, a small DVD player, and a fan with an air filter. The projector aimed the image straight up through a clear piece of plastic. Luckily, there was very little out-of-focus problems with the final projection. Orientation of the projection, however, was essential, so that the seams of of the four eye images met at the seams of the structure.

The video was created with about one hundred digital photographs of eyes, including birds, reptiles, and mammals. Morphing between each eye was done using the program Elastic Reality. The final animation, consisting of four identical pyramidal renderings for each face of the pyramid, was done using 3D Studio Max. The total time of the animated loop was about four minutes. The projector had a wide angle lens which worked out perfectly, as far as focus, distortion, and uniform brightness was concerned. Click on the video below to view the video projection into the pyramid screen.

All Seeing Eye preparation

The initial assembly of the pyramid structure shows the photo of the eye on the pyramid cap and the silverized Lycra (aka Spandex) over the pyramid frame. A skirt was added later to cover and obscure the body of the golf cart.